Helping the youth see the Wonders of the World to learn the opportunities that are out their for them.

One day your life will flash before your eyes, make it worth watching.

Exploring the beauty of a city is in the landscape, culture, people, and how they make you feel.

Welcome to Young Nomads Inc, where the cause is inspiration, the means travel, and the benefactors the youth of our nation. Life is magnificent in a variety of ways. It becomes sublime upon the discovery of a single aspect unique to us all, purpose. Travel is my purpose. The exposure to new places, different modes of thought and being, unknown sights and smells fills me with joy and ignites my spirit. For that reason, I founded this endeavor. The wonder of travel revealed itself to me in its truest form during my mid-twenties. As a youth, I traveled modestly with my family. It was the seed that blossomed into the soul sustaining fruit I stumbled upon shortly after college known as ‘where to next.’

Outward journeys often lead to inward revelations. These insights are priceless in guiding a person to a meaningful existence. A three-week solo journey across seven European countries taught me to enjoy my own company. Roasted Guinea Pig in Ecuador taught me the relativity of the concept of normal. Becoming lost in Beijing, only to be kindly directed back to my hotel by a stranger, taught me perseverance as well as the immensity of a small gesture in a time of need.

Travel is a process of making the unknown familiar. Revealed to the wanderer are bits of the extraordinary generously proffered within the extended hand of experience which become part of the self. A candle is never dimmed by lighting another. It is within this vein that I created this organization to place the bliss of travel within the palms of young hands who otherwise might never be led by its wisdom to wonderous new places. I thank you for your time and interest and hope that our paths one day cross.

Yours in Wander,
Garfield Lewis, Jr

Enough Talk, Let's Build a Better Future Together